The electric tractor

Flat car is for the energy of battery,Through motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy power output can be directly loaded mobile operations of logistics with electric cars。Flat car is suitable for the regional short material of direct shipment,Such as production workshop between artifacts and in and out warehouse transport circulation,Supermarket rack up and down to transport goods,Send a handling of the logistics industry etc。

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Lift platform products

Electro-hydraulic fixed platform is a kind of working in a fixed place in electric hydraulic drive way of hydraulic lift platform。By the electric hydraulic pump can transform electrical energy into high pressure hydraulic,Using the electromagnetic valve control hydraulic cylinder motion,The high pressure hydraulic can be converted into mechanical energy,Driving shear fork movement up and down。With a steady lifting accurately、Frequent startup、Capacity is big、Compact structure、Wide operating range、High work efficiency、The characteristics of safe and reliable...

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Construction elevator power and control products

Construction lifter motor is specific for high-rise building construction lifter, three-phase ac asynchronous motor with electromagnetic brake。Because of its high security features using occasions,Is very strict with the reliability of the motor,The starting characteristic of the machine、Braking performance and frequent braking stability and comfort、Operation efficiency determines the quality of the construction lifter。

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    Qidong datong motor co., LTD,Member of China construction machinery industry association construction hoisting machinery branch。High-tech enterprises in jiangsu province,Private technology enterprises in jiangsu province。With national invention patent1Items,The patent for utility model15Items,High-tech products in jiangsu province2A。Have to declare invention patent3Items。
    The company was founded in2004Years11Month,Is located in qidong city, jiangsu province economic and technological development zone(To the north)Science and technology business incubator。The company covers an area of20000Square meters,Existing building area10000Square meters。The company registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,Existing fixed assets4000Ten thousand yuan。Company existing staff100Many people,College degree or above personnel accounted for30%,Intermediate above personnel accounted for10%。

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